The roof construction is timber joists with a shallow fall. Typically there will be 140 mm insulation, viagra roofing membrane and EPDM roofing.

The ceiling is fitted with 12.5mm plasterboard and is painted to required finish.

Rainwater is collected via gutters and downpipes into existing drainage system or appropriate soakaway.


The walls consist of an HSB system (timber) with 120 mm insulation.

On the outside, your choice tongue and groove boards or masonry elements placed with 40 mm rigid insulation. The choice of the type of stone or tongue and groove boards will work with you to determine.

The inner side consists of an OSB board 9 mm by 12 mm plasterboard. These walls are finished ready to wallpaper.


The construction is to choose a wooden or plastic frame with a standard color of your choice.Aluminum frames are available at extra cost.

Glazing & SECURITY

The frames are fitted with HR + + glass with KOMO certificate, K-value 1.1 W/m2K

Electrical installation

The construction is standard installation work included the following:

  • 1 central light fixture in the ceiling with switch
  • 2 x double outlet
  • Move existing radiator

Of course, additional installation surcharge technical provisions be realized.

Making good to EXisting 

The connections of the existing walls on the new building will be finished by the HSB wall.

The connection of the two ceilings is finished with a 18 mm aftimmerplaat justified.

Any buoy on the development and the overhang is made of white 18 mm Okoume valid plate.


Architectural work

Paving, planting and boundary

It does not include for the removal, aanhelen or repairing the existing street – planting – boundaries.Not even with the removal of existing roofing etc.

Earthworks and foundation

For the realization of the foundation, the building pit excavated, excess soil is discharged. There are steel foundation piles. (Number depending on the size of the construction)


The floor is composed of a 80 mm thick concrete floor with insulation 100 mm.

This floor is completed so that there is only tiles, parquet or the like need to be laid.

Lead in facade

At the upper connection of the construction is placed a pilot Labbe.


Between the house and the construction is made a breakthrough. The breakthrough is about finished.Fluff-demolition waste is discharged.

Building permit

The required building permit application in question can be performed by agreement PREFAST.




After issuing the command displays the detail drawings.

We assume that electricity, water, sanitary and other facilities are made available by you.

Any painting, removal of asbestos, or chemical materials and other activities not listed are not included in the price. Unforeseen work are reserved. More and less work is previously calculated and discussed with the client. The wipe clean construction is completed.

All our deliveries are general conditions applicable PREFAST.


  • Construction and assembly: 10 years
  • Fittings (hardware): 3 years
  • Frame Glazing: 10 years
  • Architectural work: 10 years
  • Electrical components and installation work: 2 years

Delivery time

Upon receipt of the signed quotation can develop workable within ten weeks are delivered timely delivery provided by third parties.


  • 25% commission
  • 65% ready for expansion in the factory and a week before assembly
  • 10% upon completion

Payment Terms

Invoices must be paid within 14 days of invoice date to be met.