Complete Home Extensions in just a few days

Offsite Construction Solutions

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Prefast Home Extensions

Space, light, freedom - in just 5 days!!

  • Minimal disruption to the family
  • Very high insulation
  • High quality construction
  • Excellent finishing
  • Offsite construction solutions that improve lifestyle and add value to your home

    Design & Specification

    High levels of insulation Glazing to maximise light All projects bespoke to your requirements

    Why Use Prefast?

  • Minimal possible time on site - reduce inconvenience and disturbance
  • Exact start date and end date given before commencing
  • Not weather dependant
  • Quality engineering for better quality of home
  • Extension in 5 days!

    Through the use of offsite construction we are able to construct your extension in our factory facility which is transport and installed in position at your home